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    Expert Workshop Series
    Prospects for Advanced Nuclear: Analyses on Cost and Risk Factors for Commercial Deployment
    September 21, 2017

    Advanced nuclear technologies have the potential for significant improvements in flexibility, safety, security, non-proliferation, and waste management over conventional light water reactors, although concerns remain regarding the ultimate commercial viability and competitiveness of these next-generation reactor technologies. A wide spectrum of views on the promise of advanced reactors have led to confusion and inaction among those in the policy and investment communities. Fortunately, recent studies confirm that there is credible evidence that new reactor technologies in development can dramatically reduce the costs of nuclear through reduced construction times, fewer operating staff, etc. Nevertheless, significant challenges remain, and in order to allow advanced nuclear to achieve the economies of mass production needed to realize their full market competitiveness, a suite of policy tools and actions may be necessary–public-private partnerships, implementing appropriate regulatory frameworks, support in export markets, creating level and rational playing fields in domestic power markets, etc.