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    US-Korea Nuclear Roundtable
    Consent-Based Siting: How Do We Get Started?
    October 25, 2016

    The management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste from civilian nuclear activities remains a problematic issue for many nuclear power countries, and the United States is no exception. A final geological repository has yet to be established in the U.S., and the entirety of the growing stockpile of spent fuel is currently located at reactor sites throughout the country. Following the recommendations Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future, present efforts have sought to develop a consent-based approach for siting nuclear waste storage and disposal facilities that is fair and reflects the input from all public stakeholders at the state, tribal, and local levels. A number of recommendations have been put forth on how consent-based siting should proceed and be implemented, including establishing a new waste management organization independent from DOE, developing generic safety standards, providing technical review assistance to the public, and maintaining competitive applications for siting.