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    US-Korea Nuclear Roundtable
    The Emerging Innovation Landscape in Advanced Nuclear Energy
    August 02, 2016

    Growing global energy demand and the increasing importance of energy decarbonization warrant the expansion of nuclear power worldwide. Nevertheless, innovative ideas will be needed so that nuclear can meet the energy needs of the future. Energy distribution systems and electricity grids are becoming increasingly sophisticated, complex, and multi-directional; although conventional large light water reactors are effective at providing reliable baseload electricity, other nuclear products will be needed to fulfill the various functions necessary for the grid of tomorrow. Furthermore, federal support for nuclear energy research programs will need to be tailored according to the product or concept in development, and deepening public-private partnerships will be critical to amass the ingredients for innovation: maintenance of capabilities, innovation programs and centers, technology development, and integrated system demonstration. Finally, innovation in how nuclear power is packaged, marketed, and communicated will be essential so that these future systems are ultimately accepted by the public; the efforts of younger generations will be crucial in shedding old stigmas and misconceptions about nuclear and highlighting its myriad benefits.