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    GABI-KEIA Workshop: Future Directions for US-Korea Civil Nuclear Cooperation
    December 15, 2015

    The globalized nature of the civil nuclear supply chain and the expansion of NPP construction outside of Europe and North America have increased the urgency of enhanced cooperation between the U.S. and the Republic of Korea in nuclear energy. Both countries have many complementarities with regards to nuclear power, and current global trends forecast the growing need for further international civil nuclear collaboration. The growth of nuclear power provides both export opportunities for the two countries, as well as an imperative to maintain high safety, security, and nonproliferation norms worldwide. Both the U.S. and ROK face common issues with regards to spent fuel management, creating a number of opportunities, including R&D in advanced nuclear fuel cycles and technologies, for further collaboration. The two countries may opt to expand upon current joint projects in the development of pyroprocessing, and many other issues—including safety, public acceptance, security, nonproliferation, industry and exports—are possible areas for expanded bilateral cooperation.