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    Designed for mid-career and senior professionals from various backgrounds.

    This program provides 6 months to 2 years of professional enrichment in Washington, D.C. for mid- or senior-level professionals in the private sector, government, academia, media, and other fields. The program involves seminars and roundtable discussions offered by the policy community, allowing participants to develop perspective on global issues. Designed to provide intellectual and cultural enrichment, the Visiting Fellowship Program gives ample opportunities to study, experience, and understand American culture, history, and values.


    Designed for CEOs and senior executives with broad management experience.

    This program introduces a unique concept in executive education, linking global knowledge development with network-building and expansion opportunities. The program is highly specialized and designed exclusively for CEOs, senior executives, and other top decision makers who have extensive senior management experience. Through the exchange of views and ideas with prominent policymakers, distinguished scholars, and influential leaders in both formal and informal settings, participants will gain insight into the major social, political, and economic issues that influence the global environment.


    Designed for Equipping executives with the skills necessary to interact with an increasingly globalized community.

    This program provides education and training tailored to the needs and objectives of participating groups. For a one to two week period in Washington, D.C., participants will engage in a combination of lectures, presentations, small group discussions, simulations, and site visits to enhance their understanding of the dynamic global marketplace. The Global Leadership Educational Program equips leaders with the ideas and skills necessary to successfully navigate the daunting challenges facing today's top managers.