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    GABI was established in May 2011 in Washington, D.C. because of the growing need to equip today’s leaders with knowledge and perspective on global issues in an increasingly borderless world. GABI’s mission is to advance awareness and proficiency in global affairs, with a focus on international energy policy issues. Through its broad networks with government, industry, think tanks, academia, NGOs, and research institutes, GABI deals extensively with issues related to clean energy, including nuclear and renewable power, as well as the international relationships that undergird the deployment of such technologies.

    Energy Policy

    GABI produces publications and organizes forums on energy policy issues, approaching energy from a variety of viewpoints and perspectives: economics, sustainability, security of supply, diversity, research and development, safety, geopolitics, and so forth. Nuclear and renewable energy have been areas of special focus for GABI, given their advantages in addressing carbon emissions and energy security concerns. Promoting greater awareness about international energy policy and strengthening international collaboration in energy technology R&D are some of GABI’s primary objectives in its activities.


    GABI offers unique professional development programs. Participants will engage in rich dialogue with prominent policymakers, influential figures, and each other to create a shared learning experience. GABI's portfolio includes the Visiting Fellowship Program, Elite CEO Program, and Global Leadership Educational Program. Each of these educational programs is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of different professions and groups.


    It is important to help leaders develop a deeper understanding of the issues that influence policy decisions. GABI offers in-depth analyses and studies on topics of interest to its clients, and provides summaries and policy insights on a regular basis.

    GABI is the sister institute of the Korean American Business Institute (KABI) in Seoul, Korea. KABI was founded in 1974 to strengthen and enhance business relations between Korea and the United States and was duly recognized by the U.S.-Korea Commerce Ministers Joint Communiqué of June 5, 1974.